Surgical materials and food delivered to the Makarov hospital

Surgical materials and food delivered to the Makarov hospital

Volunteers of our Foundation, together with the Embassy of Slovakia in Ukraine, delivered scarce surgical materials and food to the Makarov's hospital.
Part of a large batch of medical supplies and equipment provided by French partners represented by the Vygon laboratory and the Helena Gédilaghine team will save the lives of Ukrainians.
Makarov's doctors sincerely thanked the Embassy of Slovakia in Ukraine for organizing the delivery of medical equipment to Ukraine and food donated to the hospital by Ambassador Marek Šafin, who personally brought help to the hospital.
During a short meeting with the management of the community and the hospital, Mr. Ambassador noted that Slovakia is making great efforts to support Ukraine and intends to continue this assistance by all available means.
We sincerely thank people of good will and big hearts:
Ambassador of Slovakia to Ukraine Marek Šafin
Secretary of the Embassy of Slovakia in Ukraine Sandra Ismailovičová
Our representative in France Helene Gédilaghinе and her team of volunteers.
And everyone who helped on the difficult path from France and Slovakia to the Makarov hospital.

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You can donate for acquiring medicine and medical equipment for medical institutions located in the war zone of the South-West of Ukraine. Even a small sum would be of a great help to our endeavor.

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