International Foundation «International Medical Assistance» once again handed over power generators and various medical consumables to enterprises in dire need

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People in need

  • In Ukraine
  • In the Donbass

You can make this world a better place!

We invite you to join our initiative and assist in the purchase of medicines, medical equipment, intensive care vehicles and ambulances for hospitals in the South-East of Ukraine.

Make a donation
Make a donation

Absolutely any, even the smallest amount will support disadvantaged people

Join a team of volunteers
Join a team of volunteers

Helping volunteerly you can save many lives

A few words about our organization.

We, a team of doctors, for whom the human LIFE and HEALTH have always been, are and will be the highest priorities. For the sake of their preservation, we are ready and, most importantly, able to provide effective professional assistance to our fellow citizens who are in dire need of this help.

  • Help Southeast
  • Hospital care
  • Family support
  • Ambulance
  • Resuscitation
  • Evacuation of the population

Our programs

With your help, we give people hope!

Southeast Ukraine Aid Project
Southeast Ukraine Aid Project

In 2014, InterMediCare launched the Assistance to the South-East of Ukraine program. Between 2014 and 2016, InterMediCare removed about 1,000 refugees from the battlefields.


The Life Line project was founded in November 2016 by InterMediCare with the support of the Slovak State Agency for the Development of International Cooperation SlovakAid.

Program of the
Program of the

The birth of a healthy child is happiness not available to everyone. Hundreds of thousands of women cannot conceive a child on their own. But they can endure it and raise a worthy person.


Our task is to fully provide funding for the necessary heart surgeries for orphans, as well as for children from low-income families with congenital or acquired heart disease.

Working moments

It is these precious moments that are worth all our efforts to help people.

Checkpoint "Zolotoe"
Visit of the ambassadors of the Visegrad countries
Ambulance cars handed over
Village Lugansk
Transfer of the Luhansk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital (Lysychansk) PCR test systems for detecting COVID-19
Village Lugansk
Transfer of the Luhansk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital (Lysychansk) PCR test systems for detecting COVID-19
Village Lugansk
Providing medical care
Village Lugansk
Work of the mobile brigade
Village Lugansk
Patient evacuation
Village Lugansk
Patient evacuation

Our Team

The basic principle of medicine in which we work is the “Do no harm” principle. Our team strictly follows this principle in the field of charity - being masters of our craft, we will never, under any circumstances, harm either those we help or those who help us!

Ilya Bogomolov
Ilya BogomolovChairman of the
Igor Galichansky
Igor GalichanskyFirst Deputy Chairman of the Management Board. Chief Physician of the IBO "International Medical Care", Candidate of Medical Sciences
Pavel Grishilo
Pavel GrishiloChairman of the Supervisory Board. Professor, doctor of the highest category

Our friends and partners

Organizations that support us and provide comprehensive assistance in achieving our goals and objectives.

United Nations
WHO Europe
Institute of the Heart

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“The one who asks for your help, and at this moment is the best person for you. If your help and your ministry bring relief to a person, this is your best job. The time when you are doing something useful is the most sacred of all.”

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