Our help KNP "Regional Territorial Medical Association of Kramatorsk"

Our help KNP "Regional Territorial Medical Association of Kramatorsk"

As we wrote a little earlier, humanitarian aid was delivered to the KNP "Regional Territorial Medical Association of Kramatorsk"

In the material below, we will tell you what this medical association is.

KNP "Regional Territorial Medical Association of Kramatorsk" is a large medical institution located in the city of Kramatorsk. Before the war, KNP OTMO served residents of Donetsk, Luhansk and partially Kharkov regions. The enterprise includes the Center for Modern Oncology, the Cardiovascular Center, the Hemodialysis Center and the Diagnostic Center.

With the outbreak of hostilities, when the line of battle was at a distance of 20 km from the city, the evacuation of expensive medical equipment and personnel of the enterprise was carried out to safe regions of Ukraine. But part of the enterprise remained to work in Kramatorsk. Now the enterprise has a branch in the West of Ukraine, branches in the cities of Lviv and Stry.

Alexander Geiko, director of KNP OTMO Kramatorsk:

Now in Kramatorsk we provide assistance to cancer patients, namely, surgeries, chemotherapy, and a radiology department. The Department of Cardiac Surgery began to work.

Branches are reduced as much as possible, both in terms of space and staff. Now one operating room is working, we are preparing to launch the second one. The hospital buildings have heating, water, electricity. Thanks to the good work of the authorities. There are episodes of disconnection of heating and electricity, this is due to shelling and damage to urban infrastructure. In this case, we turn on diesel generators, concentrate patients in several wards, insulate them as much as possible and heat these wards with heaters. Fortunately, the damage is repaired as soon as possible.

The medical staff, the hospital's housekeeping group are working clearly and coherently, there is no panic, everyone knows what to do in such situations. Naturally, during such periods, the provision of medical care is suspended (with the exception of emergency cases).

The windows in the hospital premises are covered with sandbags and closed from the outside with wooden shields. This increases the chances of staff and patients in the event of an explosion on the hospital grounds.

Now there are about 80,000 inhabitants in Kramatorsk. Taking into account the fact that this is the only institution that provides oncological care, patients travel not only from Kramatorsk, but also from nearby cities.

It is difficult for staff to work in such conditions. For maximum efficiency, a shift method is organized. For highly qualified surgical interventions, patients are prepared in advance, specialists arrive, operate for a week, then leave for a branch in Western Ukraine. Patients, migrants, are already waiting for them there, they continue to operate there. In their place come the next and so on. A number of specialists are constantly in Kramatorsk. Rotation makes it possible to use the skills of highly qualified specialists at 100%, and gives the staff the opportunity to avoid excessive stress and professional burnout.

Over time, people get used to working in such conditions. Of course, the feeling of fear remains. When we hear an explosion and trembling of the walls, we all understand that a rocket has landed somewhere in the city again. But most of all, I am personally afraid of the thought that our diesel generators can fail.

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You can donate for acquiring medicine and medical equipment for medical institutions located in the war zone of the South-West of Ukraine. Even a small sum would be of a great help to our endeavor.

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