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On the service to others (Parable)

One king was usually asking three questions to anyone seeking for his audience. First question was: Who is the best of other human beings? Second was: What is the prime deed? Third question was: What is the best time? That king was very keen to get the answers but nobody could properly satisfy him.

One day he was lonely roaming about a distant forests and hills. Suddenly he came across ones hermit’s cave. He came in to have a break.  The sadhu (holy man) who lived there was busy with a fruit washing. But the moment he saw the exhausted traveller he broke his job and gave him some fruits and fresh water. Few minutes later someone brought one badly injured and bleeding man and sadhu immediately took care of him washing his wounds and giving him curing drink of a mountain herbs. He gently spoke to the injured man with his sweet words that slowly brought poor man back to life, his mind back to peace and his soul back from the suffering.

Ones leaving the cave king kindly expressed his gratitude to the holy man and sadhu blessed him on his leave. But the king was still uncertain about his three questions and thought it was good time to ask those from the holy man. Sadhu told him that the king can guess all answers from what he just witnessed. When king arrived sadhu was busy with the fruits and this was his duty. He left his duty to meet the guest with the fruits and water which was the best tradition of their land. When the injured person appeared than sadhu left his offerings to the king to be able to help the most demanded one.

Anyone asking your help is the best of other human being. If your job or service can bring relief to someone around that is your prime deed. The time you do anything important to your fellows is the best and most sacred time!

(from Stories and Parables of Satya Sai Baba)

Dear donators and charity makers, this website was designed for those with a big heart. Designed to let more and more people making what can be the best deed in their life – to help those in a deep trouble. Spending on this is not in vain. We believe that is the most sacred of possible time.


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