Doctors for checkpoint Stanitsa Luganskaya

The checkpoint "Stanitsa Luganskaya" is one of the few remaining arteries that connect Ukraine with its split parts, torn apart by the war. Every month, 240,000 people cross the checkpoint to meet their relatives and friends, visit doctors, get social assistance, issue documents, receive parcels. There are thousands of children, old people and disabled people. They are forced to stand in line for hours, and sometimes for several days, despite the heat and frost, snow and rain. Every day someone loses consciousness in the queue, gets sick, and sometimes dies. There are shelling, and then there are the wounded and killed. Hungry fainting.
Our organization, ICO " International Medical Care", has received permission from the command of the ATO, and the civil - military administration of the Lugansk region, to install a medical tent at the Stanitsa Luganskaya checkpoint where the doctor is on duty.
In a tent is provided with the necessary medical assistance, if necessary, the doctor provides first aid at the scene of the incident (in the queue).
We need money to keep the doctor: housing, food, mobile communication and personal expenses.
 We also need funds for the purchase: one more doctor, two nurses, a demountable medical module, a defibrillator, a reanimation suitcase, drugs, a car, food, firewood, water. There will be unforeseen expenses.
The maintenance of the doctor, expenses for a food and medical products for patients, children, invalids and requiring: 1600 $ USA per month.
We need:
 doctor: $ 300 per month.
2 nurses: $ 500 per month.
Module collapsible medical 30 m2: $ 14,000.
Defibrillator: $ 5,200.
Resuscitation suitcase: $ 4,200.
Minibus: 18,000 $.

The Government of the Slovak Republic allocated 6,600 euro (doctor's and most necessary medicines) for one year.
It was collected from different sources: $ 1 325 (purchase and installation of a tent, stove, etc.)