Help to the forced migrants from the zone of the ATO

As reported by UN, more than a million people left Donbass. Almost 490 thousands people moved to other regions of Ukraine. A bit less than 546 thousands people of Ukrainian citizens moved to neighboring countries nosing for their safety. At the same time 5,2 million people continue to live in the Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation’ zone in the Eastern regions of Ukraine.

The most of migrants is registered in Donetsk Region, namely in regions, which are under the control of Ukrainian administrative authorities. As reported by UN, 438 thousands of migrants are registered there. The Kharkov Region ranks the second, where 157,8 thousands of migrants are registered, and Lugansk Region ranks the third with 155,4 thousand of migrants. 84,6 thousand migrants are registered in the city of Kiev.

Generally speaking, not only for forced migrants, but for the Ukrainian population the significant risk factor is the real fact that 86% of migrants from Donbass still have no proper medical examination of health care professionals. As of today only 170 thousands of migrants are registered at local heal care establishments, while their total number exceeds 1,3 million people. The absence of effective means for delivery of health care of chronically ill patients and seriously ill patients among migrants is the complicated problem as well, what leads to the failure in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, social dangerous diseases (including the tuberculosis) and oncologic diseases. Because of it many pest holes, pockets of infections and a large number of victims may be registered, which is pretty enough.

The mission of our organization in the current situation is to join efforts of kind and warm-hearted persons for the mutual search for ways of overcoming difficulties, regarding to the provision of medicaments for citizens of Donbass, who not only stayed in the Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation’ zone, but also left this region.

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Payment reference: charitable assistance for forced migrants from the Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation’ zone.

Together with you we could render assistance to:

Forced migrants from the Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation’ zone:

- Voloshina M. A. (year of birth: 1976) for carrying out of ophthalmological medical intervention (order-1, act-1, act-2) in the total amount of 12 110, 00 hryvnias;

- S.S. Karpenyuk (1993 year of birth, who together with his wife and son in January, 2015 left Alchevsk and went to Kharkiv to the refugee camp «Romashka»): an eye surgery was performed for the total sum of UAH 10 320,00 (order, act);

Anastasia Shpak (19 years old girl from Kramatorsk who suffers from oncological diseases): the medications for two courses of high-dose chemotherapy were purchased for the total amount of UAH 39 662,92 (order-1order-2, act-1, act-2 , act-3);

- Persons under care of Charitable Fund "Slavic Heart", who temporally reside in the city of Svyatogorsk (order-1, order-2, act-1act-2), на общую сумму 51 136,44 hryvnias.

Sergey Karpenyuk with his family.

Nastya Shpak is under treatment in Kiev Regional Oncologic Dispensary.

Marina Voloshina after the performed surgery (at left on the picture), a resident from the refugee camp in Svyatogorsk keeping in his hands medications for his son  who suffers from berylliosis (at right on the picture)


You can help HERE

Payment reference: charitable assistance for forced migrants from the Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation’ zone.


Statement of receipts.
Reports about the assistance provided to residents of South-East of Ukraine: Report 2014, Report 2015.