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Military conflicts did not come by a small city Stakhanov, which is located in Lugansk Region as well. On January 21, 2105 our city was subjected to the massed bringing fire to bear with the result that 3 persons were dead and 12 persons were hurt. At that point in time the city of Stakhanov was totally isolated and we had neither any opportunity to bring medicaments to the city, nor any chances to evacuate the wounded people from it. But thanks to your financial support and the self-sacrificing attitude of our volunteers, we even could deliver goods as humanitarian assistance to the Municipal Hospital № 1 of city of Stakhanov.

At the present time the relative non-shooting situation occurred in the city and shots are heard not so often, but local the people on the spot still face with many problems. One of the greatest troubles is the total absence of water-supply in our city. Taking into account the present hot weather and the lack on medicaments not only in drug stores, but also in hospitals, you can imagine very well how this situation can lead to catastrophic consequences.

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Payment reference: charity support Stakhanov city.

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The Municipal Hospital № 1 of city of Stakhanov, buying medicaments (order-1, order-2, act-1, act-2) in the total amount of 47 560,64 hryvnias.

Here you can find a note of acknowledgement from the stuff of Hospital № 1 of city of Stakhanov to our organization.


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Payment reference: charity support Stakhano vcity.


Statement of receipts.
Reports about the assistance provided to residents of South-East of Ukraine: Report 2014, Report 2015.